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    Your music at your pace
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About BeatPacer

Your music at your pace

Your music

BeatPacer works only with music stored on your phone. No data connection is used during playback.

Analyzed on-the-fly

Beats-per-minute (BPM) are calculated by analyzing your stored songs, not by attempting a 3rd-party lookup.

Pace to match any beat

Songs can be played at original BPM or adjusted so all songs are played at BPM of your choosing (of course keeping the song's original pitch). Want to run to a song with original BPM of 150 at 170 steps per minute? No problem! We'll speed that song up for you!

Beats to match any pace

BPM can be set to automatically adjust to match your current pace. Feel like running faster? Slower? No problem! Your songs can be set to automatically speed up or slow down to match your pace!


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